The 2024 Guangya Exhibition I BOKE Exhibition Hall continues to be hot and bustling

2024-06-11 | Exhibition news

    On June 9th, the 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (referred to as Guangya Exhibition), a four-day and highly anticipated international lighting event, opened grandly at the China Import and Export Commodity Trading Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou. The theme of this Guangya Exhibition is “Light+Era – Practice of Infinite Light”, highlighting the cutting-edge exploration and infinite possibilities of the lighting industry. As a shining focal point in the global lighting industry, BOKE’s innovative booth design and immersive product static/dynamic display at this exhibition have attracted numerous customers to visit the exhibition hall. The exhibition site is packed with people, and there is no end to it!

      At this exhibition, BOKE showcased the DALI-2 intelligent lighting control system in terms of control systems, providing room level/building level solutions. The wireless lighting control system provides DALI+and CASAMBI, two wireless solutions. The rail transit lighting control system provides DALI-2 lighting control system strategy and digital DC lighting system strategy. Many customers who are interested in the system on site have had in-depth communication with our sales engineers, and have given high praise to BOKE’s professionalism in the system aspect.

In addition to showcasing system products, the BOKE exhibition hall also showcased office lighting (linear/independent), commercial lighting (AC/DC rails/external), industrial lighting, and CV lighting products, covering ON/OFF, 0/1-10V, DALI-DT6/DT8. Many customers on site showed great interest in BOKE’s DALI products.

      The biggest highlight of this exhibition is the display of green, energy-saving, and high-efficiency products, with an efficiency of up to 94%, helping to achieve lighting efficiency of over 200 lumens/watt. Energy monitoring and management products support lamp data query function, energy report reading, and diagnostic and maintenance data reading. Health and eye care products, with ultra soft and non irritating dimming throughout the entire process, ultra quiet brightness, and no flicker at any brightness. The exhibition was highly anticipated, and customers praised the products endlessly.

      At the exhibition site, BOKE’s exhibition hall attracted well-known media and industry experts to visit and exchange ideas. The continuous customer base highlights BOKE’s strong reputation and brand influence in the field of driving power.

Mr. Wang Ping, General Manager of BOKE, accepted an interview with the industry media of Guzhen Lighting News

BOKE executives and Dr. Huang Feng, General Manager of DALI Alliance and CFG Chairman of DALI Alliance, take a group photo as a souvenir

      BOKE can be seen everywhere in Zone B of this Guangya Exhibition. As you shuttle through the busy entrance and exit channels of Zone B, our billboard is visible when you look up. We invite you to witness the strength of the BOKE brand together!

      On June 10th, the DALI Technology Innovation Forum successfully concluded. The forum, with the theme of “Carbon Reduction, Health, and Intelligence”, aims to promote the green development of the intelligent lighting industry by showcasing the latest innovative achievements of DALI technology, and enhance public awareness of intelligent lighting in energy conservation, emission reduction, healthy lighting, and intelligence. Mr. Li Jinbiao, Director of Product Research and Development at Guangdong BOKE, shared “DALI Data Power Assists Intelligent Lighting Management and Development”.

      In addition, as a full member of the DALI Alliance, BOKE has a display area at the DALI Alliance booth 9.2 and C18 at this year’s Guangya Exhibition. Those interested in DALI-2 driver products and DALI-2 lighting control systems can come to the booth for exchange.

      From June 9th to 12th, the brilliance of Guangya Exhibition continues We cordially invite you to visit and experience BOKE Exhibition Hall (Exhibition Hall 10.2 A20), and have face-to-face communication with us. We will introduce you in detail the products you need, and together we will explore new trends in technological innovation and development in the lighting industry. More exciting things await your exploration.