CC Independent driver

Dimmable driver DLL052-1300BD png

DLL series

Constant current led driver with changable easy connection box, support DALI-2+PUSH+1-10V/10V PWM/resistor dimming

Dimmable driver DWL042-1050AD

DWL series

China first DALI 2.0 approved CCT led driver, DALI+PUSH dimmable, easy connection for projects

Dimmable driver PUL-A series

PUL-A series

Popular constant current led driver with DIP switch, dali+push+1-10V dimmable, flicker free at any brightness

Dimmable lndependent series-DEL

DEL series

Screw free/Pressing/Separate the cover of input and output, DALI-2+PUSH dimmable, external DIP switch

CC Linear Driver

Dimmable driver DGL042-1050AD

DGL series

Constant current linear type DT8 2 channel CCT led driver,with DALI+PUSH tunable dimming

Dimmable LED driver(1~10V)_KHL series

KHL series

1~10V/10VPWM/Rx dimming interface,10-level current output by DIP-switch

Dimmable driver BHL series

BHL series

Constant current flicker free DALI or 1-10V dimmable led driver, output current accuracy 1%, THD<10%

Dimmable driver CJL

MHL series

Constant current flicker free led driver with 12V+1-10V/10VPWM/100K resistance dimmable method

CC waterproof driver

Dimmable driver DML060-1650AM

DML series

40-150W IP67 Dali 2.0+12V or 1-10v/10V PWM/100k resistance+12V,lightning protection level 10KV

Dimmable driver BDL series (png)

BDL series

constant current 30-40W IP65 dali 2.0 +1-10V/10VPWM dimmable led driver with plastic shell