Swimming Pool Lighting

BOKE drivers widely used in indoor lighting, sometimes also used in indoor swimming pool, Indoor swimming pool lighting is a lighting device usually applied to indoor swimming pool. Its main function is to help people enjoy the fun of swimming pool at night.

Sports & Stadium Lighting

Give your venue an opportunity to shine. Sports & Stadium LED lighting with BOKE drivers make average game becomes a truly exciting event. Glare-free lighting helps cameras capture the action and gives spectators a clear view of the activities on the field. 

Office lighting

Offices led lighting solutions consist of many different types of rooms and areas: work areas, public areas, hallways, meeting rooms, showrooms, kitchens, places for relaxation – each requiring a different kind of lighting. The scale of the scenarios is especially significant in this context.

Hospital lighting

The lighting design of hospitals should meet the actual functional requirements and use purposes, which should not only consider the impact of lighting environment on people, but also rationally design illumination, color temperature, color rendering and glare control, and also consider the energy consumption specification of lighting.

Rail transit lighting

BOKE drivers are widely used in subway lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, intelligent lighting, the main products are LED panel lights, subway tunnel lights, LED downlights, LED gutter lights.

Education lighting

Realize secondary energy saving: On the basis of realizing energy saving in lighting, it can reduce energy consumption and save energy effectively again through intelligent management mode.

Commercial lighting

LED drivers plays a very important role in attracting customers and promoting commodity sales. It is very important for supermarket design to maintain sufficient lighting and color coordination, create a comfortable shopping environment and a good shopping atmosphere for consumers.

Residential lighting

From floor and wall lights to chandeliers and table lamps, BOKE LED power supply can light up your home lamps.From cosy living room lighting to vibrant bathroom and kitchen lighting – we have different models for each room. Also we have different intelligent method for home lighting.

Clean lighting

The clean lamp with BOKE led driver consumes low power, The panel clean lamp semiconductor lighting has the obvious characteristics of recyclable system and recycling.

Exibition lighting

Energy-saving lamps using high quality LED driver can enhance eye comfort, ensure lighting comfort and effectively provide high quality, stable and healthy teaching lighting environment.