Corporate Honor I Received the 2024 Annual Contribution Award

Apr 22, 2024 | News

DALI Alliance Technical Training


      Scott Wade, Global Technical Manager of the DALI Alliance, and Fränz Ney, Technical Software Development Engineer of the DALI Alliance, were the lecturers, and more than 100 technicians from different member organizations participated in the training to discuss the prospects and applications of smart lighting technology. BOKE was invited to attend as a full member of the DALI Alliance and a member of the DALI CFG China Focus Group.

      In this professional technical training, the technicians learned all aspects of DALI technology in depth, including its architecture, product development, testing and certification, as well as the latest technologies: D4i, Universal Sensor 306, Firmware Update 105, DALI Gateway, DALI+, etc. In particular, the DALI protocol automatic test and DALI wireless (especially DALI+) system equipment were explained and demonstrated on site. The training also showcased numerous examples of DALI technology in use. By observing the operation and effectiveness of various DALI control systems in the field, the technicians broadened their horizons and gained valuable practical experience. Everyone thought positively, fully communicated, and the learning atmosphere was warm.

DALI Plugfest Technical training

      On the morning of April 10-11, 2024, Scott Wade, Global Technical Manager of the DALI Alliance, and Fränz Ney, Technical Software Development Engineer of the DALI Alliance, together with 25 member companies, successfully completed the DALI Plugfest at the Infineon Technology Park. The DALI Plugfest is hosted by the DALI Alliance, co-organized by FIRST DESIGN and Infinet Electronics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

      DALI Plugfest is a technical conference organized by the DALI Alliance on a regular basis, which aims to provide a platform for DALI device manufacturers, technical managers and software development engineers to communicate with each other and solve technical problems together, promote product configuration, testing and commissioning, and further promote the development of DALI joint commissioning technology.

      On the first day of the DALI Plugfest, intensive interoperability tests were carried out between the products of the participating member companies. During the meeting, technicians actively participated in all aspects of product configuration, testing and debugging, and the equipment of each member unit was able to carry out in-depth interaction and testing in the real environment, so as to identify potential compatibility problems, find and understand possible interoperability barriers between devices, and provide reference for subsequent improvement and optimization.


      The next day, all member products underwent a comprehensive interconnection test. Using a variety of test scenarios and cases, the compatibility and interoperability of each product were comprehensively verified by simulating the use environment in real life. The DALI Plugfest provides an effective platform for participants to solve compatibility problems, and through the DALI Alliance, they work together and communicate with members in order to better understand market demand, improve product design, and improve the compatibility and performance of equipment, jointly promote the rapid development and global standardization of DALI technology, and further promote the wide application of DALI technology in the field of smart lighting.

DALI CFG Conference

      On the afternoon of April 11, 2024, the CFG conference hosted by the DALI Alliance and co-organized by First Design and Infinet Electronics was successfully concluded in Hangzhou in a harmonious and harmonious atmosphere!

      At the meeting, Dr. Huang Feng, Chairman of the DALI Alliance CFG, made an annual summary of the work of the DALI Alliance CFG, and organized the 2024 plan, structural adjustment suggestions, and hot issues to be discussed. Finally, Dr. Huang Feng, Chairman of the CFG of DALI Alliance, presented the DALI-CFG Annual Unit Contribution Award and the Annual Individual Contribution Award at the meeting.

DALI-CFG Unit Contribution Award

Dali-CFG Individual Contribution Award: Chen Zhifeng Helval, Ye Zhihui Inventronics, Wang Yiyou Inventronics, Qin Ketao SUNRICHER, Li Jinbiao BOKE, Zeng Shijun zencontrol

      In this DALI CFG conference, BOKE won the 2024 Annual Contribution Award issued by the DALI Alliance, which is a full recognition of the alliance for us, BOKE has been showing a positive attitude in the application and promotion of DALI-2 products and DALI-2 lighting control systems in China. Looking forward to 2024, DALI Alliance is destined to write a strong stroke on the way of continuous progress in China’s lighting industry!