Boke invited to participates in the Zhaga Application and Standards Seminar

May 31, 2024 | Exchange activities

On May 28, 2024, the “Zhaga Application and Standard Interpretation Seminar” hosted by the Zhaga Alliance and the Guangdong Provincial Lighting Appliance Standardization Technical Committee, and hosted by the Zhongshan Semiconductor Lighting Industry Association, was successfully held at the Zhongshan Huayi Square Huayi College.

More than 100 visitors from lighting companies attended the seminar on-site. Senior industry lecturers analyzed and explained the mainstream types of Zhaga products in the market from different aspects of application and standard analysis, as well as related testing and certification. Mr. Li Jinbiao, Director of Product Research and Development at BOKE, was invited to share “Zhaga Application and Standard Interpretation – Drivers”.

Speech Topic 5: Interpretation of Zhaga Power Supply Standards

Speaker: Li Jinbiao, Product and Technical Director of BOKE Drivers Co.,Ltd.

Zhaga Book 13, 22, 23, 24, and 25 are several books related to LED driver products. Mr. Li gave a insightful summary and interpretation of these standards at this seminar: Book 13 specifies requirements for driver dimensions and screw hole positions, Book 22 specifies electrical interface information for LED set, Book 23 standardizes general requirements for analog interfaces (LED set) for communication between window drivers and one or more LED modules, and Books 24 and 25 are standardized requirements for NFC programmable devices and programmers. BOKE’s driver products not only include series that meet Book13, 24, and 25 standards, but also lead the way in obtaining Zhaga-NFC certification.

Finally, Dr. Huang Feng, the chairman of the Zhaga Alliance China region, gave the final speech: He praised the efforts of various enterprises in the lighting industry to promote the application of Zhaga products and standard analysis. He expressed that the Zhaga Alliance looks forward to more manufacturers submitting their products for certification, further expanding the Zhaga supply chain and ecosystem. This concludes the seminar successfully.