How to choose floor to ceiling headlights? BOKE provides you with a complete set of solutions!

May 9, 2024 | Other news

    Recently, “floor lamp” in the whole network hot, whether you are in Taobao or Jingdong, as long as you search “floor lamp”, you can see a lot of this type of lamp, moving on 1000-2000 yuan, with the increase of advanced functions, the price will rise, but this still can not stop the heat of “it”, with its powerful functions and unique lighting effect, More and more people are hot, why so hot, this will take you to the bottom.

First:The general trend and the situation are forcing

    Myopia is more and more, but the reason is because of the bedroom lamp used in the learning process, the small eye protection desk lamp is insufficient light, the illuminance is not constant, resulting in eye fatigue, so that the LED eye protection floor headlamp is born, which can be described as the trend of The Times, the form is forced.

Second:Powerful and intelligent control

      The floor standing street lamp is over 2 meters high from the lamp post to the base, with a huge dual light source long lamp on top of the head that can emit light from the bottom, top, and bottom simultaneously. The large luminous area fully meets the lighting needs of office and study. At the same time, it is commendable that it also has an intelligent control system. The intelligent control system can automatically adjust the color and brightness of the light according to the lighting needs and ambient brightness of different environments, achieving intelligent lighting effects. Like human body sensing, detecting someone to automatically sense the light on, leaving for a period of time until the light turns off, achieving the energy-saving effect of “when people walk, the light turns off, when people come, the light turns on”, which is very user-friendly. Wireless modules can also be added for remote control, with powerful functions.

Thirdly:having a strong “heart”

      The preferred power source for floor standing headlights is BOKE, which has the characteristics of no flicker, no noise, stable bipolar circuit design, ultra-low surge, anti-interference, short shutdown time, low standby power, etc. At the same time, the driver power supply has a high energy efficiency ratio, high efficiency, high power factor, low harmonics, can effectively reduce energy consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, provide a healthy and stable light source, alleviate eye fatigue, reduce eye discomfort, improve learning focus, and improve the comfort of the office environment.

Fourth:Provide a complete set of solutions

      Due to the needs of different models, BOKE provides a complete solution for floor mounted street lights with a driver power supply, including a constant voltage external independent driver LGV series, a constant voltage internal linear driver HGV series, and a constant current internal linear dimming driver EML series, meeting the mainstream 1-10V, PWM dimming mode and 12V auxiliary power supply in the market. Three models offer different power models to meet the needs of different scenarios using power ranges.

Fifth: Product qualifications and complete testing reports

      BOKE is a driver power supply specifically designed for floor mounted headlights. All products have passed the national 3C certification, including flicker testing, noise testing, conduction/radiation testing, product qualifications, and complete testing reports. The product has excellent performance, is safe and reliable, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

      For the lighting control system of floor standing headlights, BOKE can provide a complete solution that is compatible with any model and meets different power requirements. At the same time, it can effectively link many advanced controllers, sensors, and touch screens together to meet different lighting needs. To provide a more comfortable, healthy, energy-saving, and intelligent user experience for home office lighting, we welcome you to purchase BOKE driver products.

The first choice for floor to ceiling street lights is BOKE power supply, we only produce certified products!