DaliSet Configuration Suite

DaliSet configuration suite supports the reading, setting, and changing of DALI device parameters such as single address, group address, power-on level, fade time, fade rate, scene, and Bank information. Support GTIN, current level, color temperature and other parameters to read; Support on/off, level, color temperature and other quick control.

DaliSet Configuration Suit

BOKE DaliSet

·Support new and expanded search for devices
·Support device address reading, setting, and changing
·Support group and scene reading and setting
·Read and set parameters such as power-on brightness, failure brightness and gradient time
·Support device Bank information reading and setting
·Supports quick dimming such as switch, brightness, color temperature, etc
·Supports data saving of device configuration projects
·DALI programming tools are required

DALI programmer


·Configure parameters and functions of DALI equipment
·Used with BOKE DaliSet kit
·Support connection and configuration through DALI bus
·Support Type-B/C interface to link computers
·Support parameter configuration and control of DALI devices
·No need to install USB driver, convenient and fast
·Optional external bus power connection
·Support firmware upgrade

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