The 28th Guangya Exhibition – BOKE has come to a successful conclusion, with 4 days of exhibition and a surge of people in the exhibition hall. Orders are coming one after another!

Exhibition news

The 4-day 28th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition) was successfully concluded in the Canton Fair Complex Exhibition Hall! As the largest Guangya Exhibition in China at present, there are quite a few hot topics at this year’s Guangya Exhibition: ① In the first year after the epidemic, various manufacturers came prepared and enthusiastic, with over 3000 exhibitors and 22 exhibition halls, setting a record for the largest scale in history. ② Customers have high expectations for this year’s Guangya exhibition period, mainly reflected in the traffic volume. Industry insiders claim that the number of exhibitors is the highest in recent years, indicating everyone’s expectations for this year’s Guangya exhibition. ③ This year’s Guangya exhibition has attracted many domestic and foreign customers to come for consultation and understanding, and many international friends can be seen at many booths.

Of course, the biggest highlight of this year’s Guangya Exhibition is the launch of numerous advanced intelligent drivers by BOKE, targeting line lights, magnetic absorption lights, light strips, tube lights, panel lights, floor lights, etc. in the lighting industry, as well as DALI-2 IoT smart lighting system products, targeting smart buildings and public places. BOKE, as a highly reliable engineering power supply I DALI-2 system service provider positioned at the domestic high-end, has exhibited the most products in recent years, showcasing power supply products in the lighting industry covering six fields, including office lighting, commercial lighting, factory lighting, education and medical lighting, rail transit lighting, constant voltage lighting, and also bringing the popular DALI-2 intelligent lighting control system, as well as the latest NFC programming kit and driver, both domestically and internationally, It can be said that one is full of sincerity. With its high-quality, strong features, good service, and well-designed product matrix, it has won the favor of numerous domestic and foreign customers and received unanimous praise. The BOKE exhibition hall of Guangya Exhibition for 4 days is bustling with people, one after another.

On site of the 28th Guangya Exhibition – BOKE Exhibition

BOKE exhibition hall attracts many international friends

The BOKE exhibition hall was filled with crowds, one after another

Guangya Exhibition – BOKE Forum Sharing

On June 9, the intelligent lighting cross-border interconnection industry forum was successfully held in the D16 forum area of Hall 9.2 of Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou, promoting the landing application and cross-border cooperation of intelligent lighting. Li Jinbiao, Product Director of Guangdong BOKE, was invited to participate in the Intelligent Lighting Cross border Interconnection Industry Forum held by SILA to share the “DALI Driver Helps the Rapid Development of Intelligent Lighting”. On site, Mr. Li shared with everyone the reasons why DALI drivers have become the preferred choice for intelligent lighting in recent years, including standard digital interfaces, precise dimming and control, rich command levels, support for dimming/color temperature/color, standardized firmware upgrades, power and data interfaces, standardized wireless control, built-in advanced functions, support for programming configuration, and continuous updating and development. Next, we explained the application of DALI intelligent driver in the project, including its integration with KNX, wireless systems, and other systems, as well as its application in smart street/tunnel lights, which won everyone’s recognition.

The 28th Guangya Exhibition in 2023 has come to a successful conclusion, and BOKE has gained a lot from this exhibition. With its excellent product strength and strong research and development capabilities, as well as matrix products covering the entire lighting industry chain, BOKE has been highly recognized by customers in the industry and on-site exhibitions. BOKE adheres to technological innovation, constantly breaks through oneself, and constantly innovates in smart office lighting, commercial lighting, rail transit lighting The education and medical lighting sector brings more surprises to everyone and contributes to the promotion of the entire field of smart lighting. See you at next year’s Guangya Exhibition!!!