Project Case | BOKE Assists the Suzhou Metro Line 6

2024-7-5 | Project-case

According to Suzhou Metro, on June 29, 2024, Suzhou Metro Line 6, known as the “most beautiful garden line,” was officially opened and put into operation. On the day of its official opening, the passenger volume of the entire Suzhou Metro network still reached an astonishing 1.823 million, driving the overall growth of passenger flow on various lines.

The Suzhou Metro Line 6 runs through Suzhou from northwest to southeast, starting from the Suzhou New District Railway Station and passing through iconic scenic spots and cultural venues such as Jinji Lake Li Gong Di, Zhuo Zheng Yuan, Lion Grove, Suzhou Museum, and Tiger Hill. With a total length of 36.12km, it runs between prosperity and ancient charm, with a total of 31 stations connecting the two major transportation hubs of Suzhou New District Railway Station and Suzhou East Station. It is of great significance for building a green transportation system for the ancient city and promoting the protection of the ancient city. After the opening of Line 6, the operating mileage of the Suzhou Metro has increased to 287 kilometers, and the coverage rate of 800 meters of subway stations in the ancient city has reached 93%,making travel for citizens and tourists more convenient.

▋BOKE Helps Suzhou Metro, Embarking on the Era of Green and Smart Rail Transit

In the context of energy conservation and emission reduction, carbon neutrality, and energy data monitoring and management, the rail transit system, as one of the core driving forces of cities, has become a key part of urban energy conservation and emission reduction tasks. Especially the rail transit lighting control system, the energy consumption problem is particularly prominent. For different time periods, based on the density of pedestrian flow, BOKE, with years of leading position in intelligent driving power and lighting control systems, has provided advanced and complete solutions for this project, creating a green, energy-saving, efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting system solution.

This time, Line 6 adopts a DC dimming intelligent lighting control system, which mainly consists of DC power supply and DC dimming. It adopts digital communication and DC power supply. This system is currently the most stable, safe, and advanced lighting control system.

DC power supply has better safety, conversion efficiency, transmission efficiency, and better distance transmission than AC power supply. Digital DC dimming control uses DC power supply lines as carriers for communication, with functions and characteristics such as zone control, scene control, induction control, timing control, docking with BAS system, and local control, thereby achieving energy conservation and emission reduction.


The Suzhou Metro Line 6 project extensively uses the BOKE RDL (M) series constant current waterproof dimming driver, a product specifically designed for DC powered outdoor waterproof lighting. It has high reliability and stability, can adapt to extreme weather environments (working temperature -30 ℃ -60 ℃), waterproof level IP65, output over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current, overload, short circuit protection, and surge resistance of 2KV/4KV. The aluminum metal shell with adhesive greatly improves the heat dissipation effect of the product and increases the reliability of outdoor applications. Not only is the performance excellent, but also the safety and stability are high.

The RDL (M) series constant current waterproof dimming driver has a dimming range of 1-100%, with soft dimming and Flicker-free output at any brightness. Through the control terminal, brightness control can be carried out for any lamp, area or overall in any circuit of the system, such as single lamp control or group control.

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Suzhou Metro Line 6 on fire. What is the charm? Let’s find out….

“One station, one standard”, showing Jiangnan style

The Suzhou Metro Line 6 adopts a “one station, one sign” approach, with each station having a unique identifier that incorporates Suzhou’s regional cultural elements and complements the Jiangnan place names along the way. This design not only allows passengers to feel a strong cultural atmosphere while riding the subway, but also gives them a deeper understanding of Suzhou’s history and culture.

▋Humanized details make travel more comfortable

In addition to unique signage, the humanized detail design has also been fully reflected in the subway, making passenger travel more comfortable and convenient.

▋The application of smart technology makes travel more convenient

In addition, the application of smart technology has also made this line more intelligent and efficient. All stations on Line 6 of the subway are equipped with smart service centers and smart service terminals. When a passenger directly says “I want to go to XX” or “I want to buy two tickets to XX” through voice, the smart terminal will immediately help the passenger check the route and ticket price. With simple operations, they can scan the code or pay cash to purchase tickets.

Not only that, as a leading demonstration station for “digital smart brain of urban rail transit”, Hanqingqiao Station on Line 6 has also achieved unmanned management and various intelligent management functions at night, greatly improving operational efficiency and safety.

After the implementation of the Suzhou Metro Line 6 project, the expected energy-saving effect is significant, and it will officially become a new benchmark for green and smart rail transit in China. For example, the estimated annual electricity savings can reach about 9.3 million kilowatt hours, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 10000 tons. This is equivalent to planting nearly 100000 green trees for the city, and has profound significance for promoting sustainable environmental development in Suzhou and even the wider region. Behind this achievement is the intelligent dimming driver provided by BOKE. The implementation of this plan has taken a solid step in energy conservation, consumption reduction, and intelligent management for Suzhou Metro Line 6. With the opening and operation of Suzhou Metro Line 6, it not only means the further improvement of the urban transportation network, but also an innovative practice of green and smart rail transit. This marks a crucial step in the expansion of the urban rail transit network and the green and intelligent transformation. This line adopts advanced environmental protection technology and intelligent management, which not only facilitates citizens and improves transportation efficiency, but also sets an example of energy conservation and emission reduction, leading Suzhou and even the whole country’s rail transit towards a more intelligent and green future.

BOKE Baike Power, as a leading enterprise in LED intelligent driving power and intelligent lighting control systems in China, has always been committed to providing the most efficient, energy-saving, and advanced solutions for lighting projects in the engineering field. This participation in the lighting project of Suzhou Metro Line 6 once again proves the company’s leading position in the field of intelligent driving power supply for segmented track rail transit lighting. In the future, BOKE will continue to deepen its product research and technological innovation, create more efficient, intelligent, and reliable power supplies, and provide overall lighting system solutions for more municipal projects.