Project Case | BOKE Waterproof Driver Helps Zhengzhou Metro Line 10

2023-12-20 | Project-case

  Zhengzhou Metro Line 10 is a subway line that will soon be in operation in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. Construction began on July 21, 2017. The first phase of Line 10 starts at Zhengzhou West Station in Xingyang City, passes through Zhongyuan District, and ends at Zhengzhou Railway Station in Erqi District. It connects the Xulan high-speed railway Zhengzhou West Station, Changxihu New Area, Huguangyuan, Zhongyuan West Road Business District, Zhengzhou University Old Campus, and other densely populated areas, The route is mainly arranged in an east-west direction along Zhongyuan Road.

  The first phase of Zhengzhou Metro Line 10 has a total length of about 21.62 kilometers, all of which are underground lines, with a total of 12 stations, including 5 transfer stations, all of which are underground stations. There is also 1 depot, which is the Hongshipo Depot. The maximum speed of the train is 100 kilometers per hour, and it uses 6-car A-type trains. It will be officially opened on September 28, 2023. The completion of the line will greatly improve the convenience of travel for the people of Zhengzhou.

  The Zhengzhou Metro Line 10 Phase 1 project extensively utilizes the BOKE PHL series constant current waterproof switch driver, a product specifically designed for outdoor waterproof lighting. It has high reliability and stability, can adapt to extreme weather environments (working temperatures -30 ℃ -60 ℃), has a water resistance level of IP65 (optional IP67), outputs over temperature, over voltage, over current, overload, and short circuit protection, and is resistant to surges of 2KV/4KV (optional 6KV). The aluminum metal shell greatly improves the heat dissipation effect of the product and increases its reliability for outdoor applications. Not only does it have excellent performance, but it also has high safety and stability.

  As a public space with dense pedestrian flow and long-term lighting, subway stations require stable, energy-saving, and healthy lighting. Lighting plays a crucial role in subway environmental design. The BOKE PHL series waterproof drivers have high efficiency, low harmonics, high power factor, and no flicker output, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the drivers.

  As a professional manufacturer and service provider of rail transit lighting control systems, BOKE focuses on providing rail transit lighting solutions, committed to the green development of urban rail transit, and committed to creating green, energy-saving, low-carbon and environmentally friendly solutions. Through 10 years of technical experience accumulation, its developed intelligent driver product line is rich (ON/OFF/1-10V/10V PWM/RX/DALI-2+pushDIM dimming), and its products are widely used in the field of rail transit. In the future, BOKE will continue to deepen its product research and technological innovation, create more efficient, intelligent, and reliable power supplies, and provide products and overall solutions that meet its own needs for more projects.