Project Case | BOKE products help Anhui Jianghuai Automobile General Plant, to the low-carbon, intelligent, healthy lighting advanced!

2023-08-14 | Project-case

       Founded in 1964, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiangqi Group”) is a comprehensive automobile enterprise group integrating the research, production and sales of a full range of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and powertrains, with “advanced energy-saving vehicles, new energy vehicles and intelligent networked vehicles”, covering many fields such as automobile travel and financial services.

       Recently, Hefei Jianghuai Automobile General Plant located in the headquarters, in response to the call of the country, actively promote the second phase of the dual carbon goal (carbon peak and carbon neutrality) project on the basis of the digital plant to introduce BOKE intelligent lighting driver products, actively create an efficient and energy-saving lighting environment, this project transformation is the factory’s demand for lighting product iteration has fundamentally changed, the definition of lighting is not to stay on the basic lighting, but to low-carbon, intelligent, healthy lighting advanced.

       In the second phase of this project, BOKE provides highly reliable 3C standard constant current linear dimming driver KHL series products for the main lighting of the production workshop in the factory, which is widely used in the use of lamps and lanterns in the factory production line, providing efficient and energy-saving lighting solutions. This series of products supports 1-10V/PWM/RX dimming 3 dimming methods, the whole dimming process is soft, any brightness without flicker, standby power < 0.5W, excellent performance.

      The production line of automobile production plays a pivotal role in the entire production process of the automotive industry chain, and for the office lighting area of long-term intensive operation, the lighting must have stability, energy saving and health requirements, and BOKE’s KHL series driver has high efficiency, low harmonics, no strobe output, good dimming synchronization, anti-short-term 380V interference input, anti-2KV lightning strike, can ensure the long-term stable operation of the drive. The staff can set the brightness and automate the operation of lighting according to different areas and different times to achieve intelligent control. Reduce energy consumption on the basis of providing safe and comfortable lighting, and adhere to creating green energy saving, low-carbon environmental protection!

    BOKE has an advanced and perfect DALI-2 intelligent lighting control system, and actively and steadily promotes the “dual carbon” goal within the enterprise. Master the core intelligent technology, concentrate on studying the lighting needs of various subdivisions and application scenarios, constantly innovate, explore new paths of intelligent energy conservation and efficiency, and promote enterprises to achieve healthy, intelligent and energy-saving goals. In the future, BOKE will continue to deepen product research and development and technological innovation, create higher efficiency and intelligent and high-reliability power supplies, and provide products and overall solutions that meet its own needs for more projects.