Project case | BOKE DALI-2 drive works well on the Fuzhou Metro in China

2021-09-29 | Project-case

      Fuzhou Metro Line 6 is a metro line under construction in Fuzhou Metro, Fujian Province, China. Its first phase project (Pandun Station to Wanshou Station) started construction on November 30, 2016. It is expected that the Changle section (Yingqian Station to Wanshou Station) ) will open for operation in early 2022, and the Cangshan section (Pandun Station to Yingqian Station) will open for initial operation in October 2022. The completion of the line will greatly improve the travel convenience of Fuzhou people.

    BOKE is a regular member of the DALI Alliance, a member of the DALI focus group in China, and an industry-leading provider of DALI-2 drives and lighting systems. BOKE helps provide DALI-2 smart lighting drivers in Fuzhou Metro Line 6. The drivers are perfectly compatible with ABB KNX system. At present, it has passed the inspection of the acceptance department and will be officially put into use soon.

      As a public space with dense crowds and long-term lighting, metro station lighting needs to have the characteristics of stability, energy saving and health. Lighting plays a pivotal role in the design of metro environment. The BOKE DALI-2 driver has the characteristics of high efficiency, low harmonics, no stroboscopic output, good dimming synchronization, anti-380V interference input, anti-2KV lightning strike, standard DALI-2 certification, etc., which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the driver and System compatibility. The metro sets and automates lighting settings according to the operation conditions of different areas and different times to realize intelligent control. On the basis of providing safe and comfortable lighting, reduce energy consumption, insist on creating green energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection, and commit to the green development of urban rail transit.