Programming kit

The driver supports DALI interface or/and NFC interface programming to adjust the output current(AOC), corridor dimming (corridorDIM), constant illuminance output (CLO), emergency lighting (EL) and other function parameters to achieve flexible configuration and adapt to various applications.

Programming is realized by the programmer (DALI Programmer) and programming software (Easyconfigurator).

EasyConfigurator software

· Configure the parameters and functions of the target device
· Work with DALI programmer or NFC programmer
· Using USB interface communication
· Support configuration file import and save
· Support configuration file loading from server
· Support downloading configuration files to the programmer
· Support single or batch programming mode
· Support programmer firmware upgrade
· Support update check and upgrade
· Support Chinese and English languages

DALI programmer

· Configure parameters or functions of DALI device
· Work with Easyconfigurator software
· Connect and configure device through DALI bus
· Support USB online and USB offline configuration mode
· USB connection without driver installation
· Support single or batch programming
· Built-in 100mA bus power
· Optional external bus power application
· Support firmware upgrade