Exchange Activities | The wonderful sharing of BOKE in GILE!

Exchange activities

On August 3, the 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) was held at the Guangzhou Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is “New Era, New Responsibility”, which aims to encourage people in the lighting industry to keep moving forward.
In order to better promote exchanges between exhibitors and further understand the latest development trends in the lighting industry, several forums jointly organized by Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association (SILA) and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) were held on 9.2 Hall and Hall 10.2.
Mr. Li Jinbiao, Product Manager of BOKE, was invited to participate in two forums, “DALI: Smart Lighting Innovation Case Sharing Forum in the Internet of Things (IoT) Era” and “Light Health and Smart Lighting New Supply Chain Cross-Border Forum” and gave a wonderful sharing. The contents are as follows.

Share 1

Since its release, DALI has rapidly developed into a popular trend of smart lighting in the market. The upgraded version DALI-2 released later, with its interconnection, simple wiring, strong compatibility, fine control, supports IoT data, and is cost-effective High features, widely used in public buildings (airports, subways, squares, roads) lighting, commercial lighting, sports lighting and other fields, and can achieve interconnection with other systems (KNX, BACnet, etc.) to meet the multi-level user requirements Require.
This forum released the “DALI Technical Manual” edited by DALI Alliance China CFG and invited famous lighting designers, DALI technical experts and system providers to share DALI smart lighting innovation application cases and project implementation experience in detail..

Forum information

Forum: DALI: Smart Lighting Innovation Case Sharing Forum in the Internet of Things (IoT) Era
Speech topic: “DALI Technical Manual Release and Technical Details”
Area: A58, Hall 10.2, GILE Exhibition
Time: August 4, 2022 11:20-11:40

Mr. Li Jinbiao shared from the following aspects:

According to Mr. Li Jinbiao’s introduction, this manual is jointly compiled and issued by the DALI Alliance, the DALI Alliance China Focus Group and the Chinese Technical Expert Group, which can help the relevant industries to understand DALI technology in a more systematic and standardized manner, and make better use of DALI technology Serving various smart lighting projects and exerting its greatest role and advantages.
Mr. Li Jinbiao also explained the details of each chapter of “DALI Technical Manual”. Such as participating companies, DALI Alliance, DALI Alliance and its members, China Focus Group (DALI-CFG), DALI Alliance member basics and rights, DALI standards, DALI-2 certification, DALI related signs, DALI system architecture and principles, DALI’s Ten ways to win, DALI system wiring and technical parameters, DALI-2 is the current standard, DALI-2 system composition, D4i makes lamps and lanterns quickly IoT capable, Zhaga-D4i joint certification, DALI wireless solutions, DALI wireless gateway , the wireless DALI system DALI+, the cooperation between the DALI alliance and external organizations, the DALI FAQ, the main application areas of DALI smart lighting and the download and acquisition methods of the manual, etc.

Share 2

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, and the new supply chain system based on “intelligence and health” has formed a scale, software, drivers, sensors, gateways, platforms, and modularization have become important components of the smart lighting industry. This forum is conducive to strengthening exchanges and cooperation between supply chains of various industries and jointly serving the development of the intelligent lighting industry.

Forum information

Forum: Light Health and Smart Lighting New Supply Chain Cross-Border Forum
Speech topic: “The Development and Innovative Application of DALI-2 Driver”
Area: Guangya Exhibition Hall 10.2 D10
Time: August 4, 2022 12:10-12:25

Mr. Li Jinbiao shared from the following aspects:

Development of DALI and DALI drives

The development of DALI, what is DALI-2 upgraded, DALI-2 system composition.

Types of DALI-2 drives

LED dimming driver (DT6), color temperature driver (DT8), color dimming driver (DT8 xy/RGBWAF), IoT driver (D4i), wireless driver (DALI+).

Fusion of DALI-2 drives with other systems

The fusion application of DALI-2 driver and KNX, the fusion application of DALI-2 driver and wireless system.

DALI-2 driver application case

The main application of DALI-2 driver, the application of DALI-2 driver in HCL lighting (DT8), the application of DALI-2 driver in animal lighting (DT6/DT8 TW), the application of DALI-2 driver in plant lighting application (DT6), DALI-2 driver in the application of smart street lights (D4i), etc.