Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition – BOKE DALI product dynamic display, attracting attention!

2023-08-31 | Exchange activities

    2023 Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition (SIBT) ended successfully on August 31st! At this exhibition, DALI Alliance and 10 member units gathered together to jointly display the latest technology and application cases of the whole DALI industry chain, and share the industry’s cutting-edge products and smart technologies with the audience.

    The immersive intelligent display box carried by BOKE in this exhibition attracted many customers who are interested in DALI products to consult step by step, and our staff on site carefully explained the application scenarios and product technical characteristics of DALI system to the audience who came to the booth to understand DALI technology and products, and conducted in-depth exchanges through on-site demonstration operations.

The DALI products recommended by BOKE this time have realized: digital standardized interface, precise dimming and control, dimming/color temperature/color, power supply and data interface, built-in advanced functions (corridor dimming, light attenuation compensation, emergency lighting), DALI/NFC programming and other functions, and the scene further narrowed the distance with the audience through dynamic display.  

BOKE Forum Sharing

    On August 30th, the DALI Alliance China Innovation and Application Technology Forum was successfully held in the W3 Forum Area of Shanghai Pudong New International Exhibition Center, Li Sihua, product manager of Guangdong BOKE, was invited to share the “DALI Intelligent Lighting System and Application”, and exchanged with everyone the technical characteristics, control strategies and wireless DALI system with everyone, how the DALI system can realize room-level and floor-level solutions, and the DALI control system and components of BOKE. The intelligent control panel products were explained in the actual project cases, focusing on our technical investment and advantages in making DALI products, and finally shared BOKE’s DALI product family and product technical characteristics with you, and the scene applauded continuously.

Founded in 2010, Guangdong Boke Power Supply Co., Ltd. (BOKE) is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on LED drive power supply and intelligent lighting control system integrating product development, production and sales. With advanced and perfect DALI-2 intelligent lighting control system, master the core intelligent technology, concentrate on the research of lighting needs of various subdivisions and application scenarios, constantly innovate, explore new paths of intelligent energy conservation and efficiency, and promote enterprises to achieve healthy, intelligent and energy-saving goals, welcome to come to guide!