Brand Honors |BOKE Top 50 Supply Chain in china

Dec 26, 2023 | News

      On December 26, 2023, the 2023 China Lighting Industry Brand Conference, with the theme of “showcasing brand power and establishing industry models,” was grandly held at Huayi Plaza in the ancient town of Dengdu. On the day of the grand event, it attracted numerous heavyweight guests from the industry, and industry leaders gathered together to celebrate the annual event! Looking back on 2023 and looking forward to 2024 with industry colleagues, exploring new directions for industry development, and witnessing the moment of corporate honor coronation together.

      BOKE has been awarded the honorary title of “Highlight Award – Top 50 Supply Chain Companies in China’s Lighting Industry in 2023” due to its strong R&D and production capabilities, as well as a strong product supply chain system.

      BOKE’s winning of this award proves the strong production and research and development technical strength of the BOKE brand. Behind the honor lies BOKE’s corporate philosophy of supporting customers with core technology, achieving customers with reliable quality, and moving customers with thoughtful service. It has deeply penetrated people’s hearts and is recognized and favored by industry authorities for the BOKE brand.

      Since its establishment in 2010, Baike Power has always adhered to the core value orientation of customer, technology, quality, and service, providing high-quality LED power products and services to high-end customer groups in China, Europe, Australia, and more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. In the future, Baike people will continue to adhere to their consistent scientific and rigorous work style, and constantly create new product and service value experiences for customers.