BOKE-Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair – successfully concluded

2023-10-31 | Exhibition news

  On October 30, 2023, the four-day 25th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) came to an end at the Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of “Innovative Lighting, Lighting Up Eternal Business Opportunities”, it attracted more than 3,000 brand companies from 37 countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition, depicting a magnificent picture of the lighting industry.

    As a high-end high-reliability engineering power supply & DALI-2 system service provider in China, BOKE has appeared in the Hong Kong exhibition for many times.

First, foreign customers, one after another

    BOKE’s products not only sell well in the domestic market, many products are sold well in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, this exhibition is with the latest product technology and functions, attracting many foreign customers to consult, in-depth negotiation and cooperation. During the exhibition, the guests were bustling and endless, and the exhibition hall was full of friends and lively.

BOKE sales department staff have in-depth communication with customers

The staff of the international sales department took a group photo with the customer

Second, the release of new products is highly sought after

    In this exhibition, BOKE showcased a total of 5 fields of lighting industry power products, covering office lighting, commercial lighting, education and medical lighting, rail transit lighting, constant voltage lighting, and DALI-2 smart lighting control system/NFC programming kit and driver, with a complete product line layout. A number of new products were unveiled for the first time, such as the new AC intelligent rail drive, DC magnetic rail drive, ultra-thin constant voltage independent driver, especially the ultra-high efficiency driver, which is 10% more efficient than the traditional solution, with an efficiency of up to 94% and an energy saving of 30%, which is highly sought after by foreign customers. The BOKE exhibition hall of the Hong Kong exhibition was in full swing for 4 days, and the crowds were surging, one after another.

BOKE’s exhibits have attracted the attention of merchants at home and abroad

Third, do not forget the original intention and forge ahead

    In the post-epidemic era, in the face of new opportunities brought by market recovery, BOKE is unswervingly taking the road of domestic and international shuanggui, and continues to expand its market share in the world while continuously consolidating the domestic market. On the one hand, it shows the company’s brand image and product diversity, which provides a platform for further expansion of domestic and international markets, and at the same time, it also further understands the product needs of customers through face-to-face communication with customers at home and abroad, and clarifies the direction for future product development. In the future, BOKE will continue to be market-centered, adhere to the strategy of technological innovation and product first, continue to update and iterate and expand product lines, and provide customers with better products and services.

See you next year!