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Exchange activities

Technical Forum on “International Standards Leading the High Quality Development of Lighting Industry Clusters”

 ——June 20, 2023——

Zhongshan, Guangdong

In order to further promote the high-quality development of Zhongshan Semiconductor Lighting and Lighting Industry Cluster, promote the innovative application of semiconductor lighting in various fields, accelerate the industrialization of related technical achievements, improve the corresponding standard system, promote the cooperation and exchange of upstream and downstream industries in segmented application fields, and effectively promote the high-quality development of industrial clusters, the Guangdong Provincial Lighting Appliance Standardization Technical Committee, in collaboration with the DALI Alliance China Focus Group The ZHAGA Alliance China Focus Group jointly held a technical forum on “International Standards Leading the High Quality Development of Lighting Industry Clusters”, which was successfully held on June 20th in the A2 atrium of Lihe Lighting Expo Center in the ancient town of China’s lighting capital.

 This forum combines the advantages and development needs of the semiconductor lighting and lighting industry in Zhongshan City to achieve targeted integration of the industrial chain. While improving product quality and services, it promotes multi-party cooperation and win-win results, leading the semiconductor lighting and lighting industry cluster towards standardization, intelligence, quality, and internationalization in high-quality and healthy development.

BOKE has been invited to participate in this forum due to years of technological accumulation in intelligent driving power and intelligent lighting control systems. The company’s product manager, Li Sihua, brings “ZhagaBook24/25 Programming Implementation and Application Sharing” to everyone

Li Sihua first shared with everyone the programming requirements and standards of NFC. To meet the development needs of intelligent lighting, DALI drivers are generally equipped with advanced functions that are not specified by DALI standards, such as product information reading, fault information reading, light attenuation compensation, current setting, corridor dimming, emergency lighting And these advanced functions all need to be set up and programmed for reading and writing. It is emphasized that NFC interface programming is more diverse and simple compared to DALI interface programming, which is also the reason for the high market acceptance. Everyone listened attentively.

The currently recognized NFC readers and writers in the Zhaga specification

Then we explained the NFC programming DALI driver and programming kit to everyone. Osram, TridonicAtco, Philips and programming kits from various brands were shared (following Zhaga standards). When it comes to BOKE, we also focused on introducing BOKE’s self-developed programming kit (BOKE EasySet, following the Zhaga standard), which has four programming tools and supports two programming methods: computer and mobile.

Technological innovation drives development! BOKE will also continuously break through its own limitations, innovate and shine in the fields of smart lighting driving power and smart lighting control systems, contributing to the promotion of the entire smart lighting field.