2023 Guangya Exhibition-Exhibition Site – BOKE is very popular and has brought many new products recognized by fans, with constant surprises

Exhibition news

The 28th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition), which attracted the attention of all, was grandly opened in the Canton Fair Complex on June 9! As the largest Guangya Exhibition in China at present, many manufacturers are rubbing their hands and participating companies are unparalleled (22 exhibition halls, over 3000 enterprises). On the first day of the exhibition, the passenger flow far exceeded expectations, and the number of visitors was amazing!

BOKE, as a highly reliable engineering power supply I DALI-2 system service provider positioned at the domestic high-end, comprehensively showcases products from six fields in the lighting industry through static demonstrations on the wall, including office lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, education and medical lighting, rail transit lighting, and constant voltage lighting. Among them, the DALI-2 intelligent lighting control system provides customers with an immersive intelligent dynamic dimming and color adjustment experience, At the same time, our staff also demonstrated the NFC programming kit and driver on site, attracting on-site communication from terminal manufacturers.

On the first day of the exhibition, the BOKE exhibition area was bustling with visitors, attracting numerous merchants to consult and negotiate cooperation. The scene was bustling with enthusiasm, and both the product display area and the reception and negotiation area showed a trend of surging crowds. BOKE’s sales managers dressed uniformly, warmly and patiently welcomed customers who came for consultation, introduced the characteristics and advantages of the product to visitors, and received constant praise from customers, Praise BOKE for its powerful features, trustworthy product quality, and top-notch product service.

The BOKE exhibition hall was bustling with crowds and a continuous stream of people

The on-site staff of BOKE exhibition warmly received customers who came to inquire

BOKE’s products are not only best-selling in the domestic market, but many are also best-selling in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, and South America. With the latest product technology and functions, this exhibition has attracted many international customers to consult and negotiate cooperation.

BOKE exhibition attracting foreign friends to come for consultation

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition) will last for four days, and the excitement will continue BOKE debuted at this Guangya Exhibition with numerous innovative intelligent products, including new NFC intelligent programmable drives, AC intelligent guide rail drives, DC magnetic guide rail drives, non isolated linear intelligent drives, ultra-high efficiency isolation drives, rail transit dedicated drives, ultra-thin/linear/waterproof constant pressure drives, new NFC programming kits with new functions, and DALI-2 IoT lighting system new products. At the same time, the DALI-2 lighting system has launched multiple intelligent panels that can be freely combined with different combinations. Scenes can be customized according to daily needs, breaking traditional panel methods and simplifying complexity. The brand new 4-way/8-way dimming actuators and switch actuators meet the control needs of different projects. We will be waiting for you to visit our booth number: 10.2-B48 at the exhibition site. We look forward to face-to-face communication, discussion, and in-depth cooperation with you, Create new opportunities for cooperation together.