Exchange Activities | BOKE was invited to participate in the live sharing of the theme of DALI

2022-07-09 | Exchange activities

On July 1st, SILA Zhiguang Cloud Academy 2022-Cross-Boundary Power Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition (new products, new systems, new displays, new scenes) DALI special session was held in the cloud, more than 760 people from industry experts and business representatives participated in the event Meeting.

Dr. Huang Feng, chairman of the China Focus Group (DALI-CFG) of the DALI Alliance, and Mr. Bill, a DALI technical expert from BOKE, were invited to participate in this live broadcast and delivered speeches under the title of “DALI: Unlimited Innovative Application of Intelligent Lighting”.

Mr. Bill

(DALI-CFG) of the DALI Alliance, and Mr. Bill, a DALI technical expert from BOKE

Mr. Bill explained the relevant standards and innovative applications of DALI-2 in detail.

DALI:DALI is a two-way digital communication protocol for lighting control device based on the open global standard IEC62386, with an extensive set of functions dedicated to lighting. Typically, DALI uses a dedicated two-wire bus for communication. DALI devices can be individually addressed, support dimming, color adjustment, configuration, device information query, etc., very suitable for smart lighting.

DALI-2:DALI-2 is the protocol version currently adopted by DALI. Compared with DALI v1, DALI-2 has added more features, more standardized testing process, mandatory certification, and increased support for input devices.

DALI-D4i: The DALI Alliance has developed an interface standard-D4i suitable for IoT smart luminaire response to the growing IoT market. On the basis of the DALI-2 protocol, features such as built-in bus power supply, Luminaire information query, energy consumption query, operation and fault information query are added, which provides strong support for the rapid application of IoT of smart lamps.

DALI wireless gateway: DALI wireless gateway provides support for DALI to access other wireless systems. Currently, DALI gateway supports access to Zigbee and Bluetooth MESH networks.

DALI Wireless: DALI+ enables DALI lighting control systems to easily communicate using the DALI protocol over IP. The first version of DALI+ uses Thread as the networking carrier. In the future, DALI+ plans to add support for other IP-based networks, which may include Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

At the same time, Mr. Bill said; BOKE will present DALI-2 intelligent driver related products at Guangzhou Exhibition, including DALI-2 intelligent driver (DT6/DT8 CC/CV), DALI-2 intelligent driver, DALI-2 smart driver programming kit, DALI-2 advanced function driver (likes CLO , corridorDIM, NFC, D4i) and DALI-2 smart lighting system, etc.