2021 GILE| BOKE attended the speech at DALI seminar

2021-08-04 | Exhibition news

        On August 4, the “DALI: Intelligent Lighting Control Protocol in the IoT Era-Technical Detailed Forum” co-organized by the China Focus Group (DALI-CFG) of the DALI Alliance came to a successful conclusion. At the forum, experts from well-known international and domestic leading intelligent lighting companies, consulting institutions and testing institutions shared the latest developments in DALI technology, the advantages of DALI, DALI testing and certification, and detailed DALI technical details (DALI-2, D4i, etc.). People provide golden opportunities for value-added knowledge.

Starting from DALI’s advantages, Mr. Bill, R & D Manager of BOKE , brought the theme sharing of “DALI’s way to win – listening to thunder in silence” to the audience.

Mr.Bill organized DALI’s winning way into ten elements:
special lighting positioning;
Rich equipment models;
Have detailed and perfect standards;
Issued by IEC with authority;
Unified authentication platform;
Open DALI Alliance;
Good product ecology;
Excellent technical and promotion team;
Keep pace with the times;
Cooperation and integration.

He said that the development of DALI Alliance is so good because of the high-quality ecosystem, which drives the lighting power supply, drive and intelligent lighting related industries. It is not only applied to commercial lighting, but also promotes plant lighting, intelligent buildings, home, intelligent cities and other aspects. In addition, DALI is constantly strengthening itself, constantly adding new protocols, new equipment and new transmission media, and constantly cooperating with other organizations. In this era of IoT, only in this way can we remain invincible.