News | BOKE became an associate member of the Zhaga Alliance

2021-09-29 | News


Became an associate member

Recently, BOKE became an associate member of  Zhaga Alliance. BOKE products will implement the interface standardization of LED drivers and controllers through the Zhaga book specifications, enhance market compatibility and replacement, and promote market standardization. At the same time, BOKE will actively participate in the affairs of the Zhaga Alliance and comprehensively promote the development of Zhaga.


About Zhaga Alliance

Zhaga Alliance was established in 2010. It is an open and global lighting industry alliance. Its mission is to standardize LED lighting components (LED light source modules, LED light source arrays, lamp holders, electronic control devices, LED drive power supplies, connectors, Sensors/controllers) and the interfaces between them support the circular economy through the interchangeability.

Content covered by the ZHAGA standard

The Zhaga standard covers: physical size, optics, electrical, light distribution, heat dissipation and other major links of the standard, and finally realize that products between different manufacturers in the Zhaga alliance can be mutually compatible, interchangeable, and replaced. Therefore, if the LED regulations and standards of various countries focus on performance and quality (such as: life, energy efficiency, color temperature consistency, etc.), then the Zhaga Alliance solves the issue of interchangeability between manufacturers. The Zhaga Alliance and the LED regulations and standards of various countries are complementary and mutually beneficial. The organic combination of the two will effectively solve the current confusion in the quality and application of LED lighting products.

In addition, the establishment of the Zhaga standard will help prevent the market differentiation of incompatible light engine products, so that LED lamp manufacturers can safely purchase compatible LED light engine products on the market. In addition, the establishment of the Zhaga standard promotes technological innovation in the field of LED lighting applications, and enhances the overall benefits of the LED lighting industry, and contributes to a standardized and orderly LED lighting market.

The Zhaga interface facilitates the future development of lighting fixtures, ensuring that lighting fixtures can keep up with the rapid development of digital networks, sensing and smart city technologies. Modularization closely follows the development of technology and is easy to replace each other. A lighting installation base with Zhaga interface can drive innovation in the module market, and innovation in the module market can add value to the lighting infrastructure. The certification and certification mark identification procedures make the interoperability of lamps and nodes from different suppliers more reliable.


About BOKE

BOKE Driver Co., Ltd. (BOKE) was established in 2010 and is located in Guangdong, China. It is an integrated national high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of LED drivers and intelligent lighting control system products.

Through 10+ years of R&D and development, BOKE has successively released “Flicker-Free Drivers”, “1-10V Drivers”, “DALI-2 Drivers”, “Wireless Drivers”, “DALI-2 Lighting Control System” and “Wireless Lighting Control System” and other product lines.

BOKE has always adhered to customer, technology, quality and service as its core value orientation, providing high-quality LED drivers and intelligent lighting control system products and quality services to customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

– DALI Alliance regular member         – Member of  China Focus Group

– Member of Bluetooth Alliance         – Member of Zhaga Alliance

–  Member of  China SILA                     – China National high-tech enterprise

– SGS ISO9001 quality system certification enterprise